Humble Beginnings of a Blog Journey From a Developer to other Developers

Humble Beginnings of a Blog Journey From a Developer to other Developers Larg

Mark this date on the history of programming: September 22, 2020 at 10:58 pm. Ok, probably you won’t really mark this date on your calendars. Frankly speaking, I am not sure if I will even remember in the future. However, it is the beginning of a new blog started by a developer, for developers.

My name is Andres Reales, the founder of this blog called and a professional software developer.

As a software developer, I consider the development community to be a valuable aspect of my career growth. I remember the summer of 2014, I decided to take an online course to create my first ever website, while I was spending my summertime playing semi-pro soccer in San Antonio, Texas.

I know, I know. Everyone’s first time to programming is humble. However, What the heck were you thinking when you decided to spend your summer staring at the computer?

I don’t know, but let’s keep with the short story.

I remember my first few lines of code were in HTML, while learning the basics of how to create a static website. In fact, I had no idea what “static” meant at that point. I only knew that I could create a website using HTML and CSS.

While I was getting excited writing code, my teammates would look at me like I was a nerd. Who spends a summer learning how to code and playing a semi-pro soccer league in the world?

Andrés Reales Corinthians San Antonio
That was a picture of the team I played for at that point called Corinthians FC of San Antonio. The picture was good, but my summer season wasn’t unfortunately.

Yep, that was me.

At that point, I had dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. However, I didn’t know that summer was the beginnings of a software developer career. A career for which I’m blessed to be part of every day, even on days when I feel like punching the monitor of my computer. Nowadays, software developers are in demand, and if you are one of this development community, consider yourself blessed.

However, you should know by now that you need to constantly sharpen your skills to keep the fast pace of technology changes. Don’t believe me? Stop coding for 6 months and check how much you need to catch up after waiting that long.

Any who… to the point.

My main goal with this blog is to become a hub for other professionals, developers, hobbyist, and who knows, maybe other soccer players, looking to become better as a developer whether it is in the form of improving your programming skills, improving your professional career, or improving your personal lives, by sharing my experiences and skills I have learned, and continue to learn over the years as a software developer.

If this is something that you might be interested in, stay tuned for future blog posts.

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